The design behind the Emery Fit facility was conceptualized in 1998, when Dr. Bret Emery recognized a growing need for a facility that combined comprehensive nutrition consultations with effective fitness training routines.  During this conceptualization process, Dr. Emery discovered that big gyms were not able to offer this service; thus, the Emery model was built.   

The remarkable collection of equipment at Emery Fit was specifically selected and edited to work in continuity with the other pieces.   New clients often stare with amazement at its variety.  This uniqueness provides the best environment for your fitness transformation.  At Emery Fit you will be encouraged to work up a sweat, but you will never workout in someone else's.  Each piece of equipment is sanitized nightly, and wiped down between clients.  

Sometimes no equipment is needed to perform an exercise, and for that we have ample open space.  Emery Fit is never crowded, so there is no need to worry about "beating the crowd" or waiting to perform your exercise.       

Want to see the Emery Fit facility for yourself?  Come for a visit any time!  If you would like to ensure that we will be available to spend time and speak with you on your visit please call or text to make an appointment 770-751-7272, 

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