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EMERY FIT is committed to ensuring your safety while utilizing our services.  As our facility is not a gym, but rather an appointment based, single client directed business, we limit usage in order to provide a more pleasant and private experience.  Over the past ten years we have had to limit our client numbers based on schedule availability.  We refuse to sacrifice the experience we have built this business upon and had integrated the concept of social distancing into our original model prior to the notion of how it is being used today.  

In conjunction with the CDC and World Health Organization we have instituted a seven layer system of protocols that are outlined below.  If you have any specific questions please let us know.

1.  The entire facility is sanitized nightly and surfaces are high cycle cleaned on a rotating schedule throughout the day. 

2.  Our antimicrobial equipment wipes, as well as the soap and lotion in our restrooms are effective and approved by the EPA for use against COVID-19.

3.  We have three ceiling mounted HEPA Micron Air Filtration Systems that cycle the air particles up and out of the facility.   This system makes masks unnecessary as the air in the facility is cleaner than the air outside.

4.  We have installed an infrared hand sanitizing station at the entrance of the facility for each client to use upon entry. 

5.  Our staff is scanned daily for elevated body temperature. 

6.  Staff members wash their hands before and after every client.

7.  Each piece of equipment is sanitized after every client session.