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13920 Highway 9 North
Alpharetta, GA 30004 US

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Personal Training in Alpharetta

At Emery Fit there are no contracts to sign and no packages to buy.  In fact, you do not have to pay for any service ahead of time.     

     Complimentary Consultation    $0
     90 Minute Consultation            $240
     60 Minute Consultation            $160
     30 Minute Consultation            $80
     15 Minute Consultation            $40

     Complimentary Consultation         $0
     30 Minute Personal Training         $37
     60 Minute Personal Training         $67
     60 Minute Group Training             $20

60-minute Group Training is offered weekdays at 6am and on Saturdays at 8am.  The training sessions are individualized for each participant and cover all aspects of fitness.  Once you have completed the initial information form, you are welcome to drop in to any group session without signing up ahead of time.       

    Complimentary Consultation     $0
    30 Minute Massage                    $45
    60 Minute Massage                    $85
    90 Minute Massage                    $120


‚Äč    30 Minute Stretch                   $37 

Payment Is Easy
We accept all major credit cards as well as checks or cash. 

Additional Information?
If we can provide any additional information, or you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation feel free to  CONTACT US  today!


How do we measure our success?

By the number of lives and bodies we transform with our passion for quality, service, and innovation in fitness. Emery Fit succeeds by the number of transformations, rejuvenations, and improved lives that occur in our exquisitely minimalist fitness space.  Client referrals have made our business the success it is today.  If you are interested in having a friend check us out see our Referral page.