What and how you eat is the basis of any health or fitness endeavor.   Targeting protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios in combination with nutrient timing and hydration needs, our nutritional consultations will deliver the results you are looking to achieve!  They can be utilized to reduce body fat or build muscle, reduce reliance on blood pressure and cholesterol medications, lower diabetes and improve overall energy!

The Emery Fit Nutrition Process

Complimentary Consultation:
The complimentary consultation is an opportunity to meet and discuss your weight loss goals. We will describe our weight loss services and share how we use the Physique Tracker software to determine your muscle mass, body fat, fluid, bone, and metabolism.  We will answer any questions you may have, and then together we will decide if our services are a good match for your weight loss goals.

90 Minute Nutrition Consultation ($240):
The 90 Minute Nutrition Consultation begins with the Physique Tracker analysis.  We will review them with you and you will know exactly what your body is made of.  Utilizing the Physique Tracker results, we will begin designing your weight loss nutrition program. We will demonstrate the process of body fat accumulation and how to avoid it. We will determine your optimal fluid and food intake, and provide specific food recommendations designed to move you toward your goals.  You will leave this consultation with everything you need to begin the nutrition portion of your program.

60 Minute Exercise Consultation ($160):
The 60 Minute Exercise Consultation begins by repeating the Physique Tracker analysis and comparing it to your initial reading; this will demonstrate the change that can occur in just one week! You will see one to two pounds of loss each week, and the analysis will show you where the weight was lost.  We will design your exercise program specifically tailored to your goals, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and physical limitations. The program is designed to meet your needs, whether you're working out at home, a local gym, or at our facility. Your exercise routine will provide maximum benefit in minimum time by working in conjunction with your nutrition program.  You will leave this consultation knowing exactly when to exercise, for how long, at what intensity, and when to eat in relation to that exercise.

30 Minute Optimization Consultation ($80):
One week after the Exercise Consultation we will meet for about 30 minutes. As in previous sessions, we will perform your Physique Tracker measurement and you will see the progress toward your goals. You will also review your nutrition program, exercise sessions, and make any improvements necessary to optimize both.

15 Minute Follow Up Consultations ($40):
The 15 Minute Follow Up Consultations are designed to keep you on track until you reach your weight loss goal. These consultations have no specific time interval between them and thus can be scheduled any time you feel the need to "check in" and see how you are progressing via the Physique Tracker.  These "check ins" are a great way to stay motivated and keep tabs on your fat loss.  

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