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The Perfect Balance of Training and Nutrition

At Emery Fit our specialty is taking your fitness goals and designing a complete training and nutrition program to get you there!  We offer private personal training, group training and nutritional consultations for all ages, fitness levels and goals.   Come see why EMERY FIT has been voted the best private fitness facility!

Emery Fit was named Alpharetta & Milton's source for Personal Training and Nutrition!

What We Do:

At Emery Fit, achieve your idealized vision of fitness and acquire the tools necessary to maintain great life-long health. Our groundbreaking approach to total life improvement will tune your mind and tone your body. So go ahead, liberate yourself, and achieve your idealized reality in our private members fitness facility created just for you. Demand the best and accept nothing less. Follow your own path. Do it for yourself. 

How We Do It:

Our team of doctors, nutritionists, and Physical Conditioning Specialists take a 360 degree approach to your current lifestyle and create a personalized reinvention roadmap tailored to meet your unique challenges and goals.  We don’t just tell you how to reinvent your body and renew your life: with the best fitness equipment, a rigorous regime, constant benchmarking, intensive lifestyle, nutrition, and cognitive training, and our elite team of expert coaches, we are there everyday to help make it happen.

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Our fitness area is equipped for maximum results

Our dressing areas are designed for pure relaxation